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My morning test run for upcoming race

When I run hard, I feel like all anxiety, despression, problems increasingly go far away. I can feel my heart beating, my blood going through their vessels, my breathing in and out, my sweat rolling on my face. I feel the pain and also the happiness. All of my burden seems to be lifted up from my shoulder. I feel my body shaking and muscle soring and screaming, but I still run, run with my all heart and desire.

I woke up very early, laced up my shoes and then hit on the road. While I ran, I felt the wind blowing on my face, the light rising, the flowers blooming beautifully, gorgeously and colorfully. I heard the small laughing of babies with their moms passed by me.

I am a bit tired but feel the self- complishment today. I should be proud of myself despite of the fact that my pace is slow, and I couldn’t run as far as before. This is not my best performance so far, but nevertheless I know I tried and I added up my hard working, and did everything with my all heart. I spent 13 or 14 hours per day for working, 6 hours per day or less for sleeping, for 3 weeks in a row now, that’s why I did not have much free time for practicing. The training didnt work well as I planed at first place, but I still keep running and working on it.

The training will be end of this month
Whether I can finish my first half marathon or not, I will try my best. If I wont, I made a vow to take a short hair cut (that’s what I really dont want to).

A small fact about this morning run:
I took my test run and wore my only (sport) bra but still run safely. 🙂 I know that means I am not attractive one way or another but that’s what I cant change. I was born of this way and I love my body 😊. I’m happy that I wasnt  under any danger.
I will add that picture when I can take one 😀
And I also saw a fat kid ran this morning on the same road as mine. He is 15 or 16 years old, I guess. He is pretty fat so struggled with his running but I did see he tried running as hard as he could. He looked at me (or the only boy looked (not stared) at me, I dont know) with admire on his face. I am so happy about that. If I can somehow help people care more about their health, their body, their self-awareness by running, I would love and be happy to do that.

Rise – Katy Perry
Love yourself – Justin Bieber
Out of the wood – Taylor Swift
Tôi đang sống – Hà Anh Tuấn (recommended)
I see fire – Ed Sheeran
Gravity – Cold play
Last Friday night – Katy Perry

You are my inspiration 😊

P/S: I know that I must improve my English too. Or I have to look for someone to teach me how to write an entry in English more correctly 🙂


If you happen to be at Da Nang and Hoi An from Aug 4th to 7th, let’s meet up 😀
See you on the race day! BYE


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