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May in review

Last night, my friend asked me how my training going. I told him that I had been doing well. Yeah, that is true. I’ve come back and kept training for the upcomming race in August. I bought new shoes brands Sketcher Go Run Ride 4. It is really light, much comfortable and above all, it helps me correct my running form – the main reason has caused me many injuries so far. Though I am still worried that one day I will get another injury again, it will be a disaster if it happens when the race day is really close.
A friend helped me to choose these shoes is really kind (of course, since he is also the seller hehe). He checked my condition: how incorrect my running form is, the way my feet hit the land, how my breath, etc… He gave me many advice: what I should do to correct the wrong things and what I need to do to prepare for the race. He has run for couple years and been really knowledgeable about all of this. He told me that I should come and join his club again, it would help me a lot, but I didnt feel right, I prefer to keep  training alone. Nevertheless, I am really grateful for all his help. I think that whether I want to run alone or not, when I need help I have to ask for other’s advice.

My running is much more better now. I wear the right shoes, I slow down my speed so that I can run longer and farther. when I run I try to keep my body in correct form, I also do some core training..I dont feel burn out after one hour running but I know that it is still not enough. I’ve just come back to get used to 10K landmark.
Comming back to run is right thing to do and I am really happy about it.

This month I met some people and talked to them and then I feel exhausted. Not that the conversation was boring nor I hated it, rather I was really excited and happy to see them but also was so tired when I talked too much. I always prefer being alone after an exhausted day of work. It is like I need to do so to charge my battery. (Or maybe I have not been used to it yet).
Then I come back to run, reading books and write a blog. ( I read lots of books in this month too but I dont feel that I want to write a monthly recap as I always do in the end of each month). Those are mediation to me. It is when and where I find inner peace of myself.
That is all for May. I will be more busy and stressful on Jun but still keep training and do that harder and must be more discipline.


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