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Books read on August and September

When I check my challenge reading on goodreads site, it shows that I am behind 4 books so it does mean I am left behind. Moreover, I did not update reading list on August because I actually finished one book and was on going with 1Q84 at that time. Thereby, I decided to post this for both 2 months.

August reading list:

1/ What I talk when I talk about running – Haruki Murakami

What I talk when I talk about running - English translation

My rating is 5/5 and I absolutely love this book. Not to mention that it inspired me to get back to run but also gave me some ideas about my beloved author – Murakami. Actually, this is he second time I have read that book.

2/ 1Q84

My rating: 3,5/5


In fact, it took me about 5 weeks to finish this novel. As you might know, it is the longest one of Murakami’s. Some says it was quite boring, some others find it amazing. I actually enjoyed this book, but it seemed to me that I lost all interest when turning into the last part. The first one is so-so, introduces the main characters and kind of idea of the story. The second one is really captivate, in my opinion. I read 2 first parts into 2 weeks and the last one in 3 weeks. I was mostly relieved to read the end line of the novel.

In my opinion, the protagonist Tengo doest not impress to me like the ones in others novel usually does. Aomame is much more interesting character instead, however, the one that impressed me the most is the 16 years old girl Fuka – Eri who is the author of Chrysalis with appearance of Little People. The two moons happens in surreal world 1Q84 is quite interesting too. The whole story includes a lot of small plots, ideas in many different fields, so that might be the reason why people said Murakami had been too ambitious and had high expectation in this novel.

Reading list on September

1/ Bot chan

My rating: 4/5

It’s so hilarious to read this book and not time consuming either. This novel tells about a rebellious young man going against the traditional education system. He is quite straight forward, but actually a good hearted person. Becoming a Math teacher and moving to countryside to take the first time job in his life gave him an experience. The story was unfold till the last chapter, it seemingly likes a joke but it does not. If you have a chance to read this book, I hope you enjoy it as well.

2/ Lord of the flies


My rating: 5/5

It is really a amazing novel and I was nearly at shocked in the very ending of it. There are 2 novels that won Nobel prize that I read in this year really good. While “Time of the heroes” tells story about youngster lived a life in army school, “Lord of the flies” is story of lost boys in isolated island. It’s not an adventure in treasure island book but it in fact is a tragic story, shows the evil and good side of human. The protagonists are 12 years old boys but this book is not definitely for children. Ralph represents for human beings’ civilizing instinct, as opposed to the savage instinct that Jack, who is other main character, embodies. In the ending, I hardly believed they were killed by their friends.

3/ Men without women – Haruki Murakami (Vietnamese translation)

Men without women - Vietnamese translation

It is short stories collection of Murakami published in Japan in 2014 and was translated into Vietnamese in this year. I honestly did not aim to buy this book at first place, but after giving to my friend and she didn’t give a try, I started to read it just in one morning. I love those short stories and his writing so much.

I heard that it might be not translated into English, but I do hope it will be so many other fans out there will have a chance to read it then.

Personal Notes:

This post aimed to talk about books I read in last 2 months but I also want to share that I will be off work for a while. Tomorrow will be the first day of October, I will take an annual leave, get home and take a well rest. I need time to think through a lot of things in my life too.

In September, thanks Godness, I still keep running and definitely love it and decided to stick into it in the remaining of my life. I stop talking and hide some posts related to running stuff in this blog, though I’d love to share some experience in the next post in stead. Sorry if you saw too much running related post that popped into your new feed from wordpress like that. 😉

Thanks for keeping dropping by, I’d love to see your updates and hope you have a happy reading month ahead as well.




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