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Haruki Murakami books collection

My journey of reading Haruki Murakami novels is just around the corner. So here are pictures of cover books that I actually have. Most of them are Vietnamese translation, but I did not read Kafka on the shore yet. The remaining novels that do not appear here are those I read e-book instead.

I love The wild sheep chase Vnese cover the most because it looks truly stunning.

By the way, for those people might wonder how much I paid for them. Here they are

1/ 1Q84 vintage 238K VND.  I’m so happy because it is the last on on the selves when I came to the book store. (I bought it in Fahasha bookstore Hai Ba Trung Street District 1 HCMC and the price is much less than in any place I’ve ever browsed). For example, it cost 300k in Ca chep.

2/ Nhay nhay nhay (Dance Dance Dance) 32K VND (70% discount)

3/ Cuoc san cuu hoang – The wild sheep chase 77k VND (20% discount)

4/ Kafka ben bo bien (Kafka on the shore) – It’s my friend’s, actually.


photo (7) photo (4) photo (13)photo (9)photo (11)photo (12)

photo (3)

I know for sure that regardless how it looks like, the contain must be the most important, however owning a book with beautiful cover could make you really happy whenever you look at it.


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