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[Arrow season 3] Season Finale – Episode 23: My name is Oliver Queen

The season finale: My name is Oliver Queen

Rating: 8.7 (It  sunk down rapidly 😦

I feel really sad because this episode is the season finale in this year. It already did really awesome job, made my mind blow sometimes, I felt  so touchable many times as well.

So, this is the last one titled “my name is Oliver Queen”, I love it so much, yet it’s so predictable. The last time (episode 22) I hoped Oliver would get back to be Oliver and love Felicity, at least my wish was fulfilled. The death of Ra’s was inevitable, but people already knew the hidden agenda for all of this, the plan that Oliver and Malcolm agreed on. He is such son of the b***, he took that advantage to revenge and become the next Ra’s whilst he was not able to kill Ra’s, Oliver did.

You are always such son of the b***

You are always such son of the b***

I think this is happy ending which everyone looked for. I’m so happy to Felicity, but also feel bad to John. I sensed that John was not happy after all of things happened. He hastily got out of such place rather than be satisfied with what they did and achieved.


She is really cute on that suit, isn’t she?

The only cliff hanger in this episode was what happened to Ray. It seemed there was an explosion in his office, my guts told me that he would be another superhero in the next season, it could be something like Flash.


What happened to Ray?

I love those last scenes

Oliver and Felicity Felicity and Oliver

Anyway, keep looking forward to the season 4 😀


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