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[Arrow season 3] Episode 22: It’s your sword

Episode 22: It’s your sword

Imdb rating: 9.3 (this week, the rating is little bit sunk down).

There is such big cliffhanger in the end of this episode. Will everyone die? To some extent, I even believe that Oliver is no longer existed :(. Maseo gone in this episode and he found he was out of his own prison. It’s really sad episode by the way. Roy came back but also confirmed that he will never get back to team Arrow anymore, that really broke Thea’s heart, I suppose. I heard that he will join another series and sadly, he is now officially out of this show :(. As far as I know, Malcolm is such a son of the bitch with a lot of evil plans which lead everyone in such situation now.

I do not take screen recap for this week because it’s quite time-consuming for me especially when I have little time nowaday. For those people haven’t seen this episode, please prepare yourself from some heartful moments and heart attack in the end.

Next week, and the last one, names “My name is Oliver Queen”. I hope he will come back, I don’t care whether he will be back to be Arrow or not, just Oliver Queen and love Felicity, it’s my wish for this season.

Oh my god, next week is the season finale, so just only one more to go. Just stay calm and watch Arrow 🙂

Personal Note:

You can find some picture from Imdb here


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