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[Arrow season 3] Episode 19 – Broken Arrow : You just gave me that heart attack twice


I am about to write a review for my favorite serie name Arrow, but to do so, I want to write down some thoughts about the lastest episode names “Broken arrow” first.

Broken Arrow

Imdb Rating: 9,6/10

Firstly, for those people haven’t watched yet, please skip this, otherwise you will be got the spoilers.

In the last episode, Roy was arrested by confessing that he was real Arrow. By doing so, Oliver was released. There is another crime came with superpower and now no one could be Arrow, so they need the help of Palm who has the suit. In the mean time, Roy was attacked by the itimate in High Height (the name of prison for dangerous crime). By teaming up, they took that crime down, and Roy was killed in of sync. Knowing this, I was almost on edge. No way, they could let this happened, I told myself. On the other side, Thea, whose is Oliver younger sister was occupied by the fact that her boy friend was arrest as well. Roy made a plan to break up and said goodbye to her in the time she met him at that prison. Oliver was really angry with himself because he let Roy get himself in, and this hurt both his feeling as well as his sister. But by the interruption and advise of Felicity, he understood that it could be the best solution for them at that time. Thereby, hearing the death of Roy, he was really mad at himself and John who stopped him to get Roy out of prison. But surprisingly, Roy didn’t be killed. It’s kinda intact to get realease and was drawn up by Felicity, John, and Roy. And I thought, now it’s end of the episode, but no way. Ra’s came after Thea and killed her by stabbing his sword into her chest. That’s last scense of this episode. And that is my second time I had that heart attack.

Totally awesome.

So what did we take from this episode? Sometimes, just let people help you.

s1 s2 s3

Arrow is the series that I have followed for 3 years. The first season, I got hook but it’s just a decent show in which tells the story of a hero, no, it’s more likely a vigilante instead. In the season 2, it got really better. I was always looking forward to every episode in the week following. The rating for season 2 is always that high. Totally awesome, I could say.

But in the season 3, it was taken down a bit, not to mention that it’s quite bored. It’s almost about pain, loss and sacrifice. The truth was going to be revealed, people were killed a lot. Oliver learned that no matter what he ha done, there no way he could save his city entirely. Sarah died, her sister took hold. Cop Lance went complety crazy by finding out the truth and tried his best to get revenge from Oliver. Thea was always on worried mood, despised her father Malcom, and no way she could forgive him for what he did. Roy could not get out of his mind of his guilt in killing that cop. John got married and was struggle between being a member of team Arrow and a father in unison. For the first episode, they gave fan a hope that there would be a romantic love between Oliver and Felicity, but being a hero/vigilante it did mean Oliver had to sacrify a lot and being that far of Felicity was his choice, even it deeply hurts those two.


To be totally honest, I cried sometimes for some scences in season 3, it didn’t happen in season 1 nor season 2 though.

Here the song from first episode 2 The Courage or the Fall

There are a lot of movie about hero/vigilante, for example, flash, but I don’t like it much, I gave up for the 3rd episode. Just only Arrow can take my fancy.


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