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[Bucket list] April

March bucket lists

March was past and April took hold. Time goes so fast that we don’t even notice, but what went away we couldn’t get it back. No. We can’t.

I’ve just taken a quick look what I’ve done for a month and seen whether my goals were completed or not, but sadly, they weren’t. Just a half of it.

I haven’t accomplised Wonder nor re-read Harry Potter 1, three books were finished and reviews were up regularly though. This blog has seemed to be keeped lively abeilt I found out that my appetite was vanished out of blue sometimes that I couldn’t help  either. I have been reading Interpretation of dream but it’s quite difficult due to lots of psychological terminologies. I canceled English test because of being not well on that day. On top of that, rather settling everything down, I screwed things up and realised my life was stirred a bit in March.

Ok, I have stop here, I am going to give other lame excuses otherwise.

I  will pick what I hung up in March and keep moving forward. So, this is new list for April.

1. Finished Wonder (Done)

2. Finish dance dance dance, hear the wind sing (Done) ,underground by Haruki Murakami 

3. Keep reading interpretion of Dream

4. Re-read Time of heroes (This book is totally awesome, I have neither seen a Vietnamese ebook nor a review, then I will definitely read it again and give some thoughts later). Review is here (Done)

5. Read 2 novel of Jeffrey Archer ( The fourth estate, Truy tìm bức tranh thánh) (Done)

6. Read Nỗi buồn chiến tranh – Bảo Ninh

7. Take English test in the end of this month (Yeah, I did)

8. Settling in (???)

9. Keep this blog alive (Yeah)

10. Saving up money to buy another Kindle. Due to my carelessness, I lost it and that’s account for that I haven’t read much lately.

Talking about Thai, I have been really confused to make a decision if I should learn it. I have no idea why I should take such language while my English is still terrible.

Besides, I also feel something goes wrong when this blog turns out to be a book worm. No, I don’t want that. Even it’s a little bit crazy as a young lady talks about her life and stuff everyday, but that’s said, this is my blog and I will write whenever fancy takes me.




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