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[Book] South of the Border, West of the Sun By Haruki Murakami

South of the bord, west of the sun

South of the border, West of the sun

Author: Haruki Murakami

My rating: 2/5 

Yeah, another book of Haruki Murakami! As time gone, I have decided to take one by one  novel of him, and South of the Border, West of the Sun is the one that I have just finished. However, I want to say is: I don’t like it because that’s is not my type, I don’t want to drag myself into the love stories like this. I just don’t want to; and my rating is nothing to do with his writing style.

How many times did I doze off while reading this novel? Lots of, I could say. It is 190 pages of total, but I took it into 4 days, and somehow got dispointed in those last chapters aside from the last one.

The novel is really straightforward and nothing related to supernatural nor surrealist, and maybe that’s why I didn’t appreciate it as my friends since she gave a lot compliments. The way I don’t like it worse than Norwegian wood.

Throughout of the book, I wonder if Hajime is jerk. Yes, totally a jerk. I understand what he had gone through but somehow it didn’t feel right to me. Perhaps the fact that he is a only child makes sense. He did love Shimamoto, he regreted as going away from her since they were twelve. He loved Izumi but also did hurt her deeply by sleeping with her older cousin. And the final woman he broke her heart is his wife. I also got mad with Shimamoto. But love is what really difficult for people to understand, it’s not easy to make a plan and follow it. That’s what happen with Hajime and Shimamoto. I don’t want to go into details because that’s not what I want to say here.

Another thing I want to share is two conversation between Hajime and his father – in – law, Hajime and his wife. I swear I never tend to read a story like this. First one, he called Hajime and talked to him about love affair and told him that it was okay to have someone else when he was rich, attractive but also learnt how to not hurt the wife (his daugter). Sorry for ranting, but what the f*** I was reading. I pretty sure that is normal, realistic in our life, however, as I said, I never want to read something like this. The second one, when the wife suspected something that Hajime changed, and it’s broke up conversation. Then I could picture the breaking up scence is all about, in specific, when couple are in marriage realtionship rather than lover. It’s quiet dialogue, but I feel how deep hurt she was (yes, Hajime is  a jerk, imo)

I love the title of this novel and it is explained in the near ending. I did enjoy the music also and pretty love blue color throughout reading the whole novel.

I enjoy Haruki Murakami novel if it is something related to me or it make me think over, something that I could read no matter which gender or age I am. However this one didn’t make sense to me, and I feel nothing special about it. Thereby, I just give a short review. This novel make me want to stop reading another novel of him. But well, I will not do that, I will take another one for the next but still have no idea.

My favorite excerpt:

“The sad truth is that certain types of things can’t go backward. Once they start going forward, no matter what you do, they can’t go back the way they were. If even one little thing goes awry, then that’s how it will stay forever.”


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