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Music and my life

Once in a while I dug my folder in my laptop and unintentionally pressed the button of some used-to-be my favorite song. I felt deeply in love, I mean, despite of the fact that I had no idea why I felt that way. Nothing is being literally contained in the song related to my life at that moment, nevertheless, it resonates me any time. For instance, I am listening “Princess of China” by Rihanna feat Coldplay. Such for a long while since I got addicted that song and let the record played over and over again. It somehow pulled me in another world that I forgot about such of anxiety and tiredness I was dealing with. I always feel content for a short moment whenever I listen to those songs. Does it sound weird? It is my habit and I was indulged myself in such way. Does it sound selfish? I can’t fathom those questions. Actually, I am recalling all of things that have been happened to me so far. I guess 2 or 3 years recently, since I head to college. Whenever I got addicted to a song, whether fully grasp the meaning or not, I always fall deeply in the music. That was the reason why I managed to listen to a song for “million times” in a while without showing signal for being fed up. Music brought to me many things that I can not take from the human. It helped me to stay awake till 2 A.M and concentrate doing my work or studying. I used to employ it to focus on learning by turning on the highest volume to distract the other sounds. It has become my habit and now, my hobby.


2 comments on “Music and my life

  1. Matt
    March 15, 2015

    This one has been my favorite post so far.

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  2. Hong-Anh Nguyen
    June 13, 2015

    Back then when I was at school (high school and college) and had much more time for music, whenever I fell in love with a song, I would buy the whole album of that singer/band. If I liked that album I would look for the next album until I found it’s enough. Then there was a time I only listened to radio with mixed songs. Now I often listen to hours-long collections of random favourite singers on youtube. My latest are Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. I’m head over heel with their “Lucky”.

    I usually have to turn off music when I work. When I do listen, it must be Chopin only.

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